Creative duo Hunter & Gatti continue their US expansion with an exhibition at Flaunt Magazine and Wildfox’s “Affordable Care” group show during Miami Art Basel. Hunter & Gatti join a roster including Paul Solomons, David LaChapelle, and Jeanette Hayes.

Flaunt’s curated exhibition “Affordable Care,” will explore the contradiction and malleability of these two subjective words-“affordability” and “care”- a pairing, which, in a time of digital missives, healthcare glitches, and artistic free-for-all, is ever topical. The indoor/outdoor exhibit is free and open to the public during the day.


As part of the exhibition, Hunter & Gatti will present selections of their acrylic paintings over photograph canvases including editorials for Flaunt, featuring actress Ziyi Zhang, and Vogue.


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