Acrylic over photography in canvas. 190 x 150 cm. Flaunt magazine with Ziyi Zhang

To coincide with the Toronto TIFF film festival, Hunter & Gatti did a night photo-shoot with prestigious actress Ziyi Zhang (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Memories of a Geisha), which will feature as editorial and cover page for U.S. magazine Flaunt.


Hunter & Gatti collaborated with Christine de Lassus, the famous stylist and fashion editor who has worked with photography icons like Irving Penn, Steven Klein and Steven Meisel over the past twenty years. Christine’s styling lent a dark, austere aura to the photographs, while Julla and Grace Lee took care of hair and make-up.


This series, made up of four pieces that combine paint and photography, creates a dialogue between the two genres that accentuates how Hunter & Gatti felt in the presence of Ziyi Zhang.

Successive layers of organic textures serve as a visual metaphor for the coolness of Ziyi Zhang’s character, her serenity and the distance she establishes in a first meeting.  But gradually, the layers disintegrate and transform, acquiring vibrant shades of color before finally disappearing to reveal a person who is methodical yet passionate, fragile and mysteriously beautiful.


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