Women Next Image


HG Issue invites you to discover the fashion shoot hidden behind Hunter & Gatti’s 3D artworks that appeared on the first volume of our “Gods and goddesses” special. The photographers got inspired by the irresistible charm of world famous Hungarian model Eniko Mihalik, paying homage to the mythological goddesses of beauty, from Aphrodite to Ishtar, and their classic allure. Eniko is transformed into a sensually seductive goddess, striking statue-like poses that accentuate the deity’s dreamlike power over the humans. Tunics, metallic fabrics and minimalist jewellery are juxtaposed with the majestic grandeur of the model’s postures, adding a true dramatic effect.

The repertoire of Eniko’s facial expressions and body language seems to have been taken out of a theatrical performance that takes us to another dimension, just like a true goddess would do. Like a new-born Aphrodite, Eniko is finally left almost naked, with her body being the epitome of the graceful female beauty, the ultimate truth. Hunter & Gatti’s fascinating editorial is full of divine radiance, proving that true beauty is eternal and, therefore, it never disappears; it just reveals itself in different forms.


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