CARNE: The Meat Issue

Hunter & Gatti is poised to release the premiere edition of HG Issue ( Combining an art gallery feel with the constantly changing web experience, HG Issue is a unique art editorial space.  The first edition, inspired by flesh in the world of fashion, is a collection of Hunter & Gatti’s photography and paintings.


With fashion’s constant mobility and fast-paced seasonality, HG Issue gives credit to the most artistic creations, collaborations, and initiatives of the moment. Each themed edition will contain exclusive creations spanning photographic editorials, acrylic painting over photograph canvases, creative partnerships, and an events diary covering the best exhibitions around the world.

Inside Book

Launching on November 19th, the first edition of HG Issue will create a space where art and fashion entwine featuring collaborations with artists Aurelien Juner and Inge Jacobson, photographer Scout Pare-Phillips, Art Basel exhibiting visual artist Emilio Garcia, and Calvin Klein collaborating makeup artist Jodie Boland.  
Through “CARNE,” Hunter & Gatti will explore the expression of art and fashion on skin, using the human body as a canvas.


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