Vogue Brides Series Nº1

The vibrant color palette became the essence of this photo editorial. A vibrant purple tone emanates from all the images, combining with saturated shades of red, mustard, orange, blue and violet.  The idea was to digitally work on the photos to bring out the color.  The image was retouched using square wave distortion.


While avoiding sinusoidal distortion and applying a specific wave length and width, this created the mathematical chaos that disarranges the photo and brings out the hints of color.  This controlled distortion redefines the image, but in its unique chaos we can still make out the original shot and Beegee's intense gaze.


Hunter & Gatti were the creative brains behind this Vogue magazine editorial starring Beegee Margenyte. Beegee has been the face of ad campaigns for brands like Eres, Etro, Jill Stuart and Etro, and has starred in editorials for Elle and Harper's Bazaar.
The aim was to create an editorial featuring bridal garments, but taking them out of context to evoke a fresh, modern ambiance.  Sara Fernandez took care of the styling, while Paco Garrigues and Franck Garret did the hair and make-up respectively.


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