Acrylic over photography in canvas. 150 x 190 cm. Vogue with Gertrud Hegelund

Gertrud's acting, set against such a neutral background, was very expressive and lent an utterly natural look to the photos. From this came the idea to blend the images to create suggestive combinations. During postproduction, various pictures are often combined, using the body from one with the best face from another. In this case, montage was taken to the extreme to truly blend two images.


In combining the photo with the painting, we wanted to play on the distortion of the images to experiment with the blend of flesh tones with the background of color or black and white.  This partial blur, or distortion of part of the image, is a play on reality and abstraction that creates an interesting dialogue between photography and painting. When you look closely at the part that is distorted with paint, it creates a texture where flesh tones mix with black, white and jewelry colors, emulating the effect of a camouflage print.


Hunter & Gatti were responsible for this Vogue magazine photo-shoot, where the focus was placed firmly on jewelry. The model was Gertrud Hegelund, who has starred in ad campaigns for brands like Louis Vuitton and Nordstrom and in editorials for magazines like Interview, Dansk and Harper´s Bazaar.
Gertrud underwent a transformation on set, thanks to Paco Garrigues and Franck Garret, who worked on creating a more empowered and sophisticated look. The setting was simple, allowing her acting and physical expression to take precedence.


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