Acrylic over photography in canvas. 126 x 174 cm. Vogue with Naty Chabanenko

The idea was to use paintings to reflect the medusa and underwater themes of the editorial, creating a series of three pictures. The images are decontextualized and endowed with a much more dramatic tone, transforming Naty into a medusa - a dark, mythological creature submerged in the sea who awakens a strong, dramatic figure.


In this case, the painting transformed the photos, adding unique character as well as providing a whole new interpretation and dimension.


Sara Fernandez was the stylist for this editorial created by Hunter & Gatti for Vogue magazine. The model for the photo-shoot was Naty Chabanenko, whose face has featured in ad campaigns for Calvin Klein and editorials for U.S. Vogue, U.K. Vogue, Elle and many more…
The plan for the editorial was to create a universe of underwater colors, experimenting with pastel shades to emulate a marine look. Inspiration was taken from colors found in a variety medusas, to create a harmony of color that was blended and perfected at the postproduction stage.


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